Health Center Brooklyn New York
Health Center Brooklyn New York
Natural You Health Center Brooklyn New York
Allow us to help facilitate a healthy balance and nutritional lifestyle for you. In our state of the art holistic center through the process of nutritional lifestyle and the support of our trained professional staff, we will design a health program that will align with your natural body needs.

Our unique well-trained health practitioners will be happy to share their knowledge and help anyone who is seeking to truly change, build, and improve their body's natural health.

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Maya Goldenberg is the founder and owner of the Brooklyn "Natural You" Health Center.


She is nationally certified and an active member of I-ACT. Maya holds the highest level of colon therapist certification, instructor level colon therapist, practicing since 1995. She is also a certified

nutritionist, iridologist, herbalist and providing Ear Candling, Iridology, Massage Therapy and Colonic Hydrotherapy in Brooklyn, NY. Maya recently moved her practice to a larger, newer, more convenient and patient friendly facility in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn.

Maya's main goal and priority is to help client's achieve better health through detoxification, healthy nutritious eating, education, motivation and support. She has thousands of satisfied clients who trust her expertise completely and happily follow her instructions in the pursuit of better health and lifestyle.

Every client gets warm personal individual attention and most continues to keep a close personal relationship long after they complete their treatment. Many clients even become close friends for many years. Maya is a warm caring affectionate giving and understanding person able to sympathize with almost any problem and willing to help, she is a therapist and a friend.

At Natural You we strive to promote health inside and out. Our services are geared toward providing physical and spiritual cleansing. We invite you to shed your old way of being. Come be rejuvenated, and revitalized, become a renewed, stronger feeling you. Our mission is to create a relaxed atmosphere that provides detoxification and rejuvenation through balance and harmony. Detoxification is necessary to regain and maintain optimal health.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients to understand their bodies, because what goes on inside affects the outside.
satisfaction guaranteed

Colonic Hydrotherapy, Nutritionist, Ear Candling, Iridologist, Massage Therapy. Natural You  Health Center Brooklyn NY Colonic Hydrotherapy, Nutritionist, Ear Candling, Iridologist, Massage Therapy. Natural You  Health Center Brooklyn NY

I must admit how impressed I was with Maya’s services her gentle manner and sincere guidance. She taught me how to select natural and healthy food, and  how to prepare them to improve my diet and my health. I immediately urged my family and my friends to seriously consider Colonic Therapy.

Thank you so much Maya for assisting me to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


5 Star Colonic


Rosemarie G
Natural You Brooklyn New York


I have been coming to this place for about six months now. The place is very clean, with a relaxing atmosphere and knowledgeable, informative and more important very carrying personal. Maya Goldenberg and her help really do care about their client’s wellbeing. Overall, I have been doing colonic for the past two years, every other week. It’s the only treatment that works for my IBS.

In addition, it helps me get rid of the toxins that are building in my colon. I have tried a lot of different procedures to treat my problem but I got to say that I found Colon Hydrotherapy one of the most helpful and relaxing procedure that does the job and works the best. I am always happy to come back.

It's Really A Great Place!!

5 Star Colonic

Marleen H,
Brooklyn N.Y.


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